Friday, October 7, 2011

A Trip to Brook Hollow Farm

Apples have become a staple product during the autumn months.  We find ourselves indulging in the making of apple pies for the holidays and of course, my (Elaine's) specialty, apple sauce!  It is always an enjoyable experience to learn new recipes, or rehash old ones, especially with the abundance of fresh crops during the fall season.

Visiting Brook Hollow Farm is anything from an ordinary experience. The farm sits upon 175 acres of land and is bursting with - You guessed it - Apples!  October is the peak of Brook Hollow Farm's apple yield and many people take advantage of the rare occasion to select and pick their own apples.  With approximately 12 different varieties of apples, how can any apple-lover go wrong?  I made sure to pick up my Cortland Apples to begin preparing my fall recipes.  Furthermore, peaches are also available earlier during the year starting in August for those who enjoy fresh fruit all year round!

Besides apple picking, one can enjoy the sites of the antique store. I know of many people who dream of a country home filled with old milk bottle vases and hand-crocheted doilies. Well, this is certainly the destination if this describes you! Not only will you be purchasing for the aesthetic qualities, but you will also be acquiring authentic, vintage items not found in your everyday corporate stores. My favorite piece was an old buckboard that stood in the corner of the shop.  Buckboards were used during the 18th Century on old horse-drawn wagons to serve as a footrest and protection from the horse's hooves.  There were many more authentic items interwoven in the crevices of the shop.
The RoseMary Inn is minutes away from Brook Hollow Farms.  While staying at The RoseMary Inn, you can be flexible in your planning since the farm is open everyday from 10 AM to 4 PM.  Brook Hollow Farm is along Route 94 on Frog Pond Road.  Once you turn into Frog Pond Road, follow the driveway to the left and don't be shy!  Visit the founder, owner, and operator, Farmer David Flitcroft, a true entreprenurial spirit!  If he is not busy (which is extremely rare), ask him about the history of his farm - It is a beautiful story of love, dedication, and perseverance!  Also, make sure you stop by to see his dogs, Bell and Pepper!

Happy Apple Picking!

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