Friday, October 28, 2011

Welcoming the New Season with Baarda Farm

The fall is a beautiful time for nature-based activities and seasonal festivities.  However, every season has something valuable to offer us.  As the weather turns cooler in preparation for winter, we tend to immediately think of all the negative aspects associated with the season – freezing temperatures, inclement weather, and the closing of many outdoor-based businesses.  However, at the RoseMary Inn, we would like to encourage you to embrace the coming of winter with a place that is near and dear to our hearts.

Baarda Farm, a family owned and operated business, provides customers with high-quality produce and all natural products.  All fruits and vegetables are cultivated and picked from the premise’s 25 acres of farmland.  Furthermore, instead of closing for the winter months, Baarda Farm is open year-round offering seasonal produce and other natural products to ring in the cold months ahead!  During the next couple of weeks, thousands of strawberries will be picked and blueberries will be planted for the next season.

Denise Baarda, one of the four owners and operators of the farm, is encouraging customers to take advantage of the remaining apple yield.  Select from a variety of all-natural apples or pick up a gallon of their apple cider, made from fresh apples and compressed in their very own cider press!  I (Elaine) bought myself a gallon and am freezing some for the coming winter months!  Also, be sure to place your order for Baarda’s all-natural Apple Cider Vinegar, a very popular product made and bottled at the turn of the season.    

Baarda Farm also offers other natural products to keep you satisfied during the winter months.  Select your favorite homemade jam or pick up a bottle of honey, collected from actual hives located on the premises.  I (Elaine) love Baarda Farm’s fresh brown eggs and the product has become a staple in my household.  With approximately 500 free-range chickens, Baarda Farm has become my natural grocery store where freshness and consistent availability are guaranteed for the customer.

Located in the beautiful and scenic town of Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania, simply follow 94 South from the RoseMary Inn to the Portland bridge and remain right to reach River Road.  Follow River Road through all its twists and turns until you reach the tiny farm driveway that leads to a huge enclave full of the season’s freshest produce.  Be sure to check out the Innkeeper’s Corner over the next couple of weeks on the RoseMary Inn’s homepage to find out about upcoming events at Baarda Farm, including the annual Christmas Open House on December 3rd and 4th. 

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